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1. What type of soil is used in Geofabric Planter ?
Ans – Any type of soil, cocopeat, compost can be used. We suggest using 30% coco peat, 30% compost and 40 % soil

2. Do Geofabric planters have holes at bottom to provide drainage ?
Ans – No, Geofabric planters don’t have holes, the fabric is designed in such a way that the whole fabric grow bags allow drainage, over/excess water gets removed through bottom or sides.

3. How to manage excess running water ?
Ans – It is advisable to use a steel plate or any other below to manage the excess water.

4. What is the durability ?
Ans – 5-7 years, depends upon the use, if kept stable it may last longer.

5. How to order grow bags ?
Ans – We have various sizes and colour available in planters, you can add them in cart, and place the order.

6. Are handles provided for hanging ?
Ans – No, handles have been provided for shifting and carrying around the grow bags.

7. What is the delivery time ?
Ans – 3-7 days, varies as per the location. Please contact us for urgent delivery.

8. How customization can be done ?
Ans – Customization can be done by printing logo, photo, quote, adding labels, customizable sizes can be made as per need. Please contact us on 9765119701/9766119701 or Mail us at info@planteria.in to know more.

9. What are the delivery charges ?
Ans – We charge flat 80 Rs. Shipping charge for order value below 799. For the order value above 799 we place them under free shipping.

10. How to place bulk order ?
Ans – Please contact us on 9765119701/9766119701 or Mail us at info@planteria.in to know more.

11. What happens after 5 years usage of planters ?
Ans – Geofabric planters can be discarded and it will be collected by local municipality. Basically these planters will be broken down into polyester chips again and will be again recycled.

12. Can it be used to store fruit and other material ?
Ans – It is free from any harmful chemical and can be used to store or can be used while shopping

13. What is it made from ?
Ans – Planters are made out of geofabric which are made from discarded PET bottles and are specially designed and engineered for gardening purpose using ‘GEO-tex’ technology.

14. Is this washable ?
Ans – Geofabric planters are washable, when not in use remove the soil and wash thoroughly using a jet spray, make sure to wash it properly and hang it outside to dry.

15. Do you also sell plants with planters ?
Ans – No, we are currently dealing in geofabric planters.
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