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What are Geofabric Planters?

Geofabric planters, a sustainable solution for planters made of plastic, are made of one of its kind ‘GeoTex’ fabric specially engineered to support the growing cycle of plants. Plastic elimination at its roots will give plants a great environment to grow more sufficiently.


What makes it better than other planters ?


 Planteria Geofabric PlantersTraditional plastic planters
1Economical in natureLess economical
2Low or negligible maintenanceProne to ripping apart
3Allows 360-degree ventilationPacked from three sides
4Convenient water drainage systemMinimum drainage
5Easy to customizationCannot be customized
6Extra durableNot durable
7Trouble – free handlingNo handles to carry

What is the future of Geofabric Planters?

Planteria aims to eliminate the use of plastic at its core in the upcoming years. Our planters can be used for lawn, balcony, and terrace gardening; long-term services for corporate and production indoor and outdoor gardening. Geofabric planters are an excellent gift to your gardener friends/ Corporate gifting and plantation programs.

Reducing plastic waste :-

Our planters start from 4 inch size and goes upto 24 inch. Starting from the smallest size 3 bottles are recycled and goes upto 24 inch planter which recycles 50 bottles. Isn’t that something great contribution while purchasing.