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Every story starts with a great start and this is how PLANTERIA was started. India generates 3.5 million tones of plastic waste every year. This waste consists of daily perishable food packets, electronic and packaging waste, and so on, 40% of which ends up on seas or in open areas deprived of segregation. India, a country with the youngest population, has many perks in its pocket regarding the vision these young minds have for plastic waste management. One such innovation is Bhiwandi-based Planteria, a startup by 17-year-old Jinay Gada, who wishes to be a part of life-changing innovations. Like other Jinay was also a college student of KJ SOMAIYA ARTS AND COMMERCE, however due to COVID – 19 the schools and colleges were locked and that’s the point where the bulb of innovation lighted and Jinay started testing and collecting data on Geofabric Planters.

Planteria has developed an innovative solution to indoor and outdoor gardening containers traditionally made of plastic. The new Geofabric planter is made of an alternative fabric with recycled ingredients that will minimize the use of plastic planters. At Planteria, we make geofabric planters in several colors including black, green and maroon. These vibrant colors accompany the aesthetics of every home. Users can customize these planters to suit the need of every size and shape; with a solid look, they can also be logo-printed for more personalization. It was not just only to reduce the plastic but to change the traditional planters which were inefficient and were limiting the growth of roots and plant. We also focused on women empowerment as they were the ones who stitched and made the finish product.

How we innovated ?

A new Geofabric made with 100% recycled PET fabric in the form of Planters that can carry plants, a transformation in how we buy and grow plant seedlings. This revolutionary alternative is not the only feat Planteria aspires to achieve; by employing a cottage-industry structure, they are also serving the responsibility of women empowerment. Geofabric bags in various sizes and colors are stitched by women in the textile town of Bhiwandi.


Our Mission :-

Planteria’s ultimate mission with its Geofabric planters is to structurally reduce the use of plastic in nurseries and at home. These bags will promote the growth of plants through their entirely recycled fabric. These plants sufficient in nutrients will allow more gardeners to grow more. This increase in the organic growth of plants at home will reduce the carbon footprint. While supplying work to women and young stakeholders, we aim to provide 20% of our sales towards their empowerment and enhancement of life quality.


How we can serve you ?

Planteria aims to eliminate the use of plastic at its core in the upcoming years. Our planters can be used for lawn, balcony, and terrace gardening; long-term services for corporate and production indoor and outdoor gardening. Geofabric planters are an excellent gift to your gardener friends/ Corporate gifting and plantation programs.