Planteria is a Homegrown Company.

Planteria was launched in Mumbai, India back in 2021 to rescue the root growth problem in plastic containers.Summer of 2020 we noticed the problem and began our research on providing better alternative containers for roots to grow. We found Felt as one of the best materials which would elevate the environment of the roots to nourish. We began prototyping and found that Felt grow bags had better Growth than plastic leaves resulting in bigger and colorful leaves, and fruit bearing time was improvised. In 2021 we launched Planteria commercially so each and every home gardener can provide a better container and environment for their plants to Grow and Bloom. Over the span we have launched VertiFelt, Potato Planter and raised beds allowing gardeners to experience the power of Felt in Day to Day gardening.


Planteria is at the forefront of sustainability innovation with their use of recycled geofabric grow bags. These eco-friendly containers not only support healthy plant growth but also help reduce environmental impact by repurposing materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. By incorporating recycled geofabric into their products, Planteria showcases a commitment to sustainability that sets them apart in the industry. Their dedication to promoting eco-conscious practices encourages customers to make environmentally responsible choices and supports the larger goal of creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.


All of our grow bags are recycled using PET bottles. Each grow bag has its unique PET bottles compositions as per size and shape. Our aim is to recycle 100000 bottles by the end of 2025 instead of going into Landfills. This will help create a better and green earth.